I grew up as short chubby girl even though I was very active. I ran 100m in primary school, was in the netball team in middle school and played tennis in high school. Life to me was about being active, firm and fit.

My struggles with weight began in standard 10 (grade 12 for you young kids). My weight  suddenly started to fluctuate.

I gained weight mostly on my thighs and under arms. I started becoming less active than my body was used to because at the time (1998) all that I was focused on was good grades. In lost track of everything else.

Finally I had made it, I passed my standard 10 and went to a Technikon. My problems with weight spiralled out of control. At the end of 1999 however, I got sick and started losing weight. Eventually when I got better I blamed everything on poor diet. It worsened over the years until the end of 2004 when my physician cardiologist diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism-over active hormones (thyroid) which was the cause of my on and off weight, heart problem, high temperature and the palpitations that I had. I was on medication for more than 6 months to bring the thyroid under control and went under knife (thyroidectomy) to reduce the hormones. The operation was a success and I was given a clean bill of life.

During that period though, I had to take control of my diet, that’s where I learned the importance of clean health eating, that’s where I fell in love with herbs. Since I was under synthetic medication for a very long time, I preferred herbal products over them.

It took me time to start being active and exercising again.  I have now found that when I exercise I become very energetic in my everyday life.

I want to be healthy, fit and firm in whichever size that comes in. I’ve come a long way but I am happy with my progress so far.

People always had something to say. Knowing myself, understanding my shortcomings and accepting them helped me look pass them and carry on with my life.

I now have 2 kids and I am between size 32 and 34 while still working towards my goal of being healthy fit and firm.



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