My name is Desiree Kama Du Val and best described I am an African!!!!

I speak 6 of the 11 official South African languages.

Many will ask but how is she saying this if she is white….. mmmmm what right do I not have to say this?? My beauty goes deeper than a beautiful face….  my beauty is about my entire being from the tips of my toes all the way around my graceful hips right up to the last strand of hair on my blessed head.

Life was never easy being what I call a plus size lady. Growing up I went through the usual teasing about my weight. Being called FAT was my pet hate, in fact it even sent me into a depression. One that I trust is what made me who I am..

I was always worried about what people thought of me and cared about their opinions of me. Always needed others approval. It was what controlled my happiness. I had to get out! I had to make ME happy! I had to speak out and be who God wanted me to be.

A beautiful woman with a body so beautiful and a soul that no one could destroy. I became ME!!!

I no longer have the word FAT stored on my vocabulary… NO NO NO

I am Seductively Plump. I have an African Body. I am beautiful from the inside out. I glow with radiance of being over confident and knowing that my beauty is bigger than what people want it to be. MY beauty is for ME!!

Ladies the next time you get told that you fat or that you need to change your look you should ask that person ” why so sad? Did u make me?”

Stand up and be proud of who you are embrace your beauty from within. People are going to start noticing your confidence and  a confident woman is extra beautiful BUT a Seductively Plump Confident woman is the most sexy being you will ever meet.

Who ever said that you only beautiful if you are a size 8 or 10. Who said being skinny makes u beautiful? My beauty is bigger than what society thinks is beautiful. I am beautifully thick and the the curves of my body that tell the tales of my struggle makes me not only a woman but a Beautiful Woman.

I’m a beautiful woman whose self confidence radiates what I stand for.
I stand for equality.  Treat me the same as you would treat a lady that is half my size. Find me beautiful as you would a size 10. I am a beautiful creation of the man above and I am uniquely perfect  in my own special way.

I’m seductively plump. The curves I posses gives me the freedom to sway my beauty from left to right knowing how beautiful I am and how special of a woman I am.

(You can find Desiree on FB – )



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