Loving the woman I am.

Civvies Days were the worst – my friends would plan co-ordinated outfits: white jeans and tank tops or crop tops, blue jeans and spaghetti strap tops… the options were endless and for me? oh yes the trusted maxi skirt and short sleeve top.

Jeans? Me? No, not at that time – I only got my first pair in the 11th grade – wore it once and packed it away after I imagined that I looked awful.

My body confidence was built over time; I wasn’t always as self assured about my outfits although my habit of planning outfits 3 months ahead of an event started in my early teens, it wasn’t until my varsity days that I really came into my sense of style and confidence.

I remember two moments that solidified that I had truly come into my plus size confidence. One was when a colleague had asked me if I’d be as bold, as feisty and as confident if I was thin. I remember bursting out in laughter and all I could say was: “I don’t know hey. I haven’t been any other size but this one so if it has anything to do with the woman i am, then hey I’ll take it.”

The other was when I was living and working in Japan and would wear my sleeveless Craig Native tank tops while flashing my fleshy arms for all to see. A friend I made in Japan had told me she’d seen me confidently walking the streets of Tottori in my sleeveless tops and it really inspired her; coming from a fellow plussie, I was really touched.

From then on my self confidence grew and I saw skinny jeans, crop tops, bikinis and even minis being added to my wardrobe and the only limit to my fashion collection now is my bank account!

I don’t and never will understand why people feel so entitled to make assertions especially about what plus size women choose to wear. From the blatant “I don’t think that’s right for your body.” to the backhand compliments reeking of BS: “Wow, you’re so brave to rock that!” or my personal favourite: “You always know how to dress your kind of body.” – why do those who choose to make these nasty comments even think they need to?

It’s a rhetorical question which I honestly have no deep desire to have answered because frankly if you’re not helping to pay for my crops, shorts, minis, bikinis, sleeveless tops (you get the idea); why would you feel the need to make yourself feel important with my wardrobe choices?

I love fashion, I love clothing and much to the demise of those close to me, I love to shop so I can spend hours and hours in the mall! I enjoy putting together outfits and although I should’ve followed a career in fashion, it was only last year that I decided to embark on my plus size fashion blog: icherryefresh. It’s been an amazing journey learning to love my body and having fun with fashion along the way!

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