Body Image Series 2 – August 2016



Welcome to Body Image Series 2. I am so excited to have you here with me and I can’t wait to share a few stories with you that were written by some lovely individuals.

In case you are new to the Series let me give you a quick rundown.

Two years ago I was concerned that even with the Body Positive movement in full effect there were still some stories not being told. I decided that I was going to rope in all my friends and ask them to write an article about their bodies. They would have to sit and really assess how they felt about their bodies and who in fact influenced such thought processes. Did the media have a say in how skinny they wanted to look or did their family constantly tell them that they needed to gain weight if they wanted to have children?

The first Series was a success!

Not only were the ladies who participated having honest conversations with themselves but the response was great. Other women were relating to them based on their stories and starting to question their own relationships with their bodies.

Two months ago I felt that it was time to take the series to its own home and started this blog. All of the stories from Series One have been loaded and you are welcome to go through some of them in preparation for the new stories that will be added this month.

I am beyond excited for you to see updates from some of the original participants as well as brand new stories.

Thank you for all of the support.

Love and Light,

Hulisani Khorombi



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