I am what one would call big boned.

Growing up I was constantly told that I am overweight and that I needed to work on my body.

One day I heard Joyce Meyer say: “you are going to have that body for the rest of your life. You are either going to spend your life hating it or embracing it.”

The truth is that I love me.

So I stopped weighing myself and decided how I feel about my body is enough. Every now and again I walk into the bathroom and look at my body. If  I am happy with what I see then I celebrate. If I’m not I decide then what I don’t like and how I can change it.

My stomach is something that comes up often because I have a sister with a six pack. Anyway let’s say that I decided that to fix my stomach I would have to start doing core and sit ups everyday. If I wake up the next day and skip the sit ups or the core, understanding that the choice was mine: I am not allowed to complain. If however I wake up the next day and do the exercises then I may share with someone that I don’t like my stomach. (1 person… haha)

And so it goes.

The truth is that I weigh over 90kg. It is not the first thing that you see about me though.

So either I am going to show you how awesome my personality is or I will show you how insecure I can be about my body. I chose awesomeness!!

There is always something to celebrate. I have no boobs or bum. I have big lips and wide shoulders. I have a muscular build and a big head (hehehe).

Yet still I am loved just like this.

So yes I could complain OR I could understand that some things I can’t change and some things I can. That’s on me.

Because if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want something.. you will do it.

Rather be awesome



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