Wow you are so big! What are you eating?

Like seriously?? I eat what you also eat! This is what I silently say to myself when people ask me these questions.

So can I ask what size are you?

well I am a size… but before I even get to  finish my sentence you have already blurted out  that you are sure that I am a size 38.

It is so painful to listen to someone pointing out all the wrongs about my body. Even worse when they tell me how my body should be like.

It use to bother me so much that sadly I went on a diet. Yes I did and I didn’t enjoy the diet at all.

It was a water only diet for the whole month
I lost 2k’s.
But to ‘them’ I was still big.

Well, here I was still  feeling so uncomfortable and not liking myself at all.

I had to reason with myself that there had to be an explanation as to my body change. Surely there was something that I could do to please these people who knew me when I was tinier than I am now?


Can you believe it though? (laughing)

When we grow up there are obvious changes as our bodies preparing us for future roles.

I cannot expect to look like a 10 year old girl while  I am a 20 year old lady.

My body structure is made in a way that it sustains me for everything I am likely to encounter. If I continue with the dieting and what not I could possibly be thin again. But then I could also end up with an eating disorder. Even then I will never be satisfied with the size that I am.

I really do not want to deprive myself of all the proteins and vitamins in all the different kinds of foods that we eat. I love my body its an African full figured body.

I am an African women and I love my body to bits. It never disappoints me but gives me joy.

I wear everything that I want and I eat anything that is meant for human consumption.

The internet has made us dislike our bodies as ladies. The Media portrays sexy and beautiful as being a size 10 by choice. Personally, I call that abnormal because it is not my norm. It is not my reality.

If you do not love your body no one will, get in those skinny jeans of yours with confidence sisters you really look sexy. That is what we call sexy.

I am a size 34. I love it and  I cannot wait for 38.. how about you?



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