Who’s body image is it?

When I think about my body I think about all the parts and pieces of it that I hate, my flabby thighs, my big but flat bum, my way too “double” double chin… I want to look like those models I see in the magazines, not like this.

When I was younger, skinnier, I hated my body too, I was the only girl in my class with no breasts. They teased me because I didn’t wear a bra. A bra?? I have no boobs, why do I need a bra? I was too skinny to be pretty or sexy.

What I would give now to be skinny like I was back then.

My body isn’t all bad, I mean I have two arms, two legs, ten fingers and ten toes. I should be grateful, many people don’t have what I have. But how can I be grateful when it’s not the body that everyone expects a young girl to have? I want clear, flawless skin and long straight hair. I want blue eyes and thicker lips. I want what is beautiful and irresistible. I want to look like a young woman is supposed to look, lean, tanned and beautiful.

Hmm, do I really want all that? Do I really want to look like all other girls? To have nothing of my own, nothing that makes me unique, special and noticeable?

What I really and truly want is to be me, to be happy, to be happy with my fat roles and flabby bits. It what makes me, well me.  Sure I could tone a bit and add some make up now and then but I think I’m pretty awesome the way I am. I like my green eyes and sometimes frizzy hair. And I am okay with my not so lean body, I mean I would rather eat pizza and drink coke than go on silly diets just to be thin.

I would rather be chubby and happy than thin, unhappy and hungry. Yes, this is what I choose, to stay exactly as I am.

A good friend of mine once told me that it’s not a woman’s looks that makes her sexy but the confidence she exudes and the acceptance she has of her own body that makes her irresistible. I think I have to agree with this.

So, is it really me who has an issue with my body or is it society that has made me believe my body isn’t good enough?

Robyn Luck



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