Thin Girl Tales

Being labeled a bitch or a mean girl just because I am a size 28 is one of the really fun things that I have to put up with as a thin girl in a thick world.

The world of beauty has changed and with the dawn of the big booty ho era, another group of women are left in the dark. These women will now be ridiculed and mocked for something that they have no control over.

These are your thin girls; girls with small boobs and flat asses who wear crop tops in the winter because hey what else is there to do to get approval?

I’ve always been fascinated with how the ideal body image is set. Is it cultural? Does it go with era? Is it a anthropological question or should we call the philosophers in? Who gets to decide whether I’m suitable or not?

I’ve come to the conclusion that its mainly pop culture that decides who makes the cut. Ever since the dawn of the Kim Kardashian ass everyone has turned to thin girls with no ass and sneered with disgust. And just like that we have overcome a great battle by throwing another set of women in the firing line.

I celebrate the empowerment that women with curves have received. I applaud Mon’ique and Queen Latifah and even Nicki Minaj but at what cost has this liberation come?

I may not be able to magically grow an ass and I’m not really into boob jobs but what I can do is make sure that I’m healthy and that my periods are regular (thin girl problems). That is all that I can do. More importantly I can turn around and tell all the tormentors to leave me the hell alone because I love having a flat tummy!

Being albino and being a visual fascination is something I still have to deal with. Maybe next time around I will go all Erykah Badhu on everyone’s asses and undress embracing not only my body but my skin as well. I’m not perfect society has already pointed that out however I am put together really well and that’s okay with me.




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