Body image…

Well at first when i got the request to write this i was like oh snap what to say…

Well i finally know!!

Thankfully i have always been a thin girl with a larger than normal booty and proud of it!! I was never mocked about being oversized thankfully so what most ladies go through i don’t know much about…

However after having 3 beautiful children and being left with stretch marks and scars and extra flab that won’t go away i now know what it’s like to be stared at and silently mocked cause of how i look.

I weigh 62kgs. I am proud of how i look cause my body has gone through tremendous change preparing for my children. I am a size 34 yet have stretch marks all over that I became ashamed to wear a dress or a pair of shorts because of what people might say…

I then decided screw this it’s gym time lets get toned and fit and start looking good… Well that lasted two weeks and i decided I’m over it I love me the way that I am and I am not going to change because everyone else hates the way I look.

Society and media have affected how we see each other in such a way that I used to find myself being rude about ladies that were overweight and walking around in tight jeans even though they might have felt amazing in them.  I was sitting with people talking about others and became one of those bitches we all hate and wasn’t proud of it at all!!

It’s not what people think of you but what you think about yourself.

Love yourself!!

Claudette Shultz




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