My body image would probably be classified as skinny though I have never really thought about classifications.

From an early age I was brought up to accept my body and be happy with my appearance and confident in who I am as a person. My mother banned scales from the house.

I was always very active in my school days and did a lot of sport. So I never had an issue with my weight. My two issues arose mainly from how I thought other people saw me. Namely my bad skin and my large boobs.

I always felt self conscious about my skin and have tried everything from reacutane to various skin products. I still avoid make up sections in shopping centers like the plague as I always get asked without fail about my skin and whether I have tried their product. I even went on the pill to fix my skin but then my already large boobs started getting even larger.

That’s when I came to grips with the fact that my skin will never be photoshop perfect but it is my skin and my face and I love it even when there are imperfections.

Also from about the age of 14 my boobs started growing and just got larger and larger to the extent that in some cases I needed to get a DD cup size. I was continuously tormented by certain people about being big breasted.

Finding clothes that fitted me comfortably as I was pretty skinny was difficult. I hated going bra shopping or looking for bikinis. I distinctly remember shopping for a bikini where I tried on over 10 bikinis and ended up crying alone in the changing room.

Another practical problem was that it was impacting on my ability to take part in sport. I felt extremely self conscious when riding or jogging and in PE I would make up excuses not to join or seem lazy by walking while others where jogging.

My family and close friends at the time could see how much this was affecting me and I went to go see a cosmetic surgeon to do a reduction. I had the operation not because of any superficial media imaging or because of what people said about my big boobs but because I wanted to be happy and love my body and if that meant undergoing surgery I was in.

After the operation I felt I lot more comfortable and confident in who I was and in my body. I could do the things I loved and actually appreciate a la senza voucher.

For anybody going through what I went through whether it is weight related, skin or any other imperfection there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are happy with your body the way it is do not change it because of what other people say or what the media portrays.

If you are unhappy with your body then you should get help and find a solution because your body is your life and your life is lived through your body so the least you can do is let it live up to your expectations.






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