Popular. Important. Grown-up

“You look so big!” With shock under his breathe. That was the first thing he said to me, after not seeing me for a couple of weeks. How dare he say that to me!? He always says that!

Wait, why does it matter? Why MUST it matter?

I had weighed myself after my session at gym, a few hours before I met with that unpleasant remark. 54kg’s. That’s big? Compared to what? An elephant? Or an ant? What is big??

Clearly we all have our own train of thought when it comes to weight. I thought to myself what is “big?”  Well, when in doubt, ask Google.

Adjective: of considerable size or extent.

of considerable importance or seriousness


very popular or successful (informal)

Verb: praise or recommend something highly.

…and so forth. Selectively.

By way of clarity, from here forth, I shall use the term “big” to describe something of “praise”-worthy, “popular”, of “considerable importance” and “grown-up”.

So, thank you for the compliment! From now on ladies, anytime you hear someone say you’re big, even if you’re as tiny and grown-up as Ronewa, Huli and (the other girls) take it as a compliment, we should love it when someone reminds us how grown-up, popular and how important we are. Makes us sound so royal!

I won’t even blame the media for brainwashing us. Individuals decide on their own, what or who influences them, not only from what they see in media, but what society tells them is acceptable.

Your friends, family, neighbour, colleague, constantly remind you of the size they think you should be. Society as a whole needs to change the way they address the different sizes of human beings.  And as westernised as it may be (yes, the West plays a major role in African society, me-thinks), lest we forget, most African countries believe that being big, I mean, being a Popular, Important Grown-up, is a sign of wealth.  Again, ask Uncle Google… (types “Africa women big beauty”  into search bar).


I’ll happily continue paying for my gym membership, not because you called me an Important, Popular Grown-up, but because I’m a health nut, and I like what I see at the gym *winks*.

If you won’t criticise me about my weight, I won’t throw a biscuit at you J.  If you tell me how curvaceous I am, I’ll tell you what a gorgeous defined bone structure you have.

Tit for tat. Oh, and on that issue, here’s what the general public has to say:

Sigh ladies…what can I say.  Live and let live.

Where’s my giant choc-chip muffin?!

In good health,




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