Oh where to begin…

I was always a chubby child all through primary school. I was never the girl guys referred to as beautiful or sexy. I was simply the cute shy girl in the corner. The teddybear.

My biggest insecurity was my round tummy. The first time I was really confronted about my weight was when I was about 10 years old. I went to school with a Vietnamese girl named Cherry.

Cherry was always proud of her tiny physique and she was not afraid to say it. One day, out of the blue, Cherry said to me while rubbing her tummy, (which she commonly did), “How does it feel to be fat Fiona?” I couldn’t believe my ears! Those words haunt me ’till today.

Suddenly, out of the blue, when I left primary school and was about to start High school I shed all my weight. It felt as though it happened over night. Literally. Everyone was so concerned. I was bombarded with comments such as “maybe she has worms”, “I hope it is not TB” , “You need to eat”.

Despite all the comments I gained a new confidence in myself that I had never experienced before. Suddenly I wasn’t that cute girl anymore. I had moved up a notch to “the pretty girl” who guys actually took an interest in.

To date I have not gained the weight back, in fact it is a possibility that I have lost a bit more. Funny thing is that I eat like a race horse. People can never believe their eyes when they see how much I can eat.

Exercise is a factor that plays a role in my life every once and again. I would never go as far as to call myself a fitness fanatic, in fact I take part in exercise more for stress relief than anything else. Gym contracts are wasted on me.

People will always find something to be insecure about. Suddenly I was happy with my weight but my height became a problem. Even today I still think of crazy hair brained schemes about how I wish my legs could miraculously grow an extra 10cm.

I have learnt to own my self imposed so-called “flaws” and be happy in my entirety. I have been granted the serenity to accept those thing I cannot change, but dreaming never hurt anyone!

I wish Cherry could see me now!






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